Covering Gray Hair With 2-Step Indigo & Henna: With Actual Results !!!

Our pure, natural, organic henna colors have been used for over 4,000 years as a safe and effective way to color your hair naturally.They are made out of leaves that are dried, grinded, and triple-sifted. Tired of adulterated products full of bad chemicals? Our Henna Colors have only natural, pure, unadulterated leaf powder. Follow these steps to cover your gray hair:


My Gray Hair Before the Two Steps

In a mixing bowl, soak our Henna Powder (100 gms for short hair, 200 gms for shoulder-length hair, 300 gms for really long hair) with Tea Water or Coffee Water overnight as adding coffee makes the red color of henna more visible. Add only a dash of Lemon Juice if you wish.

Consistency of Our Pure Henna
Add Yoghurt or Egg for additional conditioning.
The next day, apply the paste on clean, product-free hair for 45-60 minutes, depending on preferred intensity.
Rinse thoroughly only with water, repeating as many times as you intuitively need. Do not use shampoo.


Indigo Consistency

After rinsing your hair, let them dry.
Mix the Indigo Powder (100 gms for short hair, 200 gms for shoulder-length hair, 300 gms for long hair) in warm water to prepare a paste.
Apply on your hair, using gloves if applying with your hands, or a spatula.
Leave on for 45 minutes, or more, depending on preferred intensity. It’s advisable to keep it on hair for up to 2 hours to get rich black color.
Rinse thoroughly with water.
Wash your hair with a cleansing shampoo the next day.
Following these two steps will result in the desired natural black hair color. You can use this method to color your hair twice-thrice a month.



Final Results: Gray Gone and a Beautiful and Healthy Hair

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    What shampoo or surfactant and deep conditioner do you reccommend? Is a co wash ok?

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